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Dr. Monika F. de Waal

Founder and CEO

Monika was born in the Netherlands, continued (part of) her youth in Pakistan and developed an interest in cultures and diversity. Married to Everard Warffemius and mother of Sander.

Professional Background
Monika holds a Masters Degree of Science in Organisational Development and a Masters Degree of Science in Education, and an MBA from Henley Management College.

Furthermore she is a Certified Management Consultant and holds licenses for several methods, like the Intercultural Readiness Checklist, Management Drives and Multiple Intelligences Development Assesment Scales, MIDAS. She is qualified to work with the Diversity Icebreaker, DISC Genuine as well as Cultural Transformation Tool of Barrett.


She has been active as a Board Member of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research and was chair of the female entrepreneurs in her region, Dea Dia. Of course she is a long time member of the Order of Management Consultants in the Netherlands. For years she was a Member of PWN (Professional Women Network) and the EWMD.

She is a specialist in organizational development, change and strategic management with a long term commitment to the effective intercultural interaction. Focus is on creating opportunities for dialogue in complex organizations undergoing change with a core interest in organizational development and process consulting. She has seen the impact of combining Organizational Development with Personal Professional Development.

She works both in the corporate sector as well as with local and national governments where programmes have included leadership, business ethics, teambuilding, intercultural negotiation and conflict management. Tracking and changing mind bugs in mental models from which leaders promote their vision and implementation is always part of her approach.

She has been a lecturer at the NATO pre Partnerships for Peace Programme for Eastern and Central European Officers from the start in 1991. She has developed a new organizational due diligence project which was launched in 2002. Management Development has her full attention and spirit. She has been responsible for several years at the TiasNimbas Business School for the Professional Development Part.

Monika is an experienced executive (e-) coach and mentor, working with clients at senior levels with a focus on empowering individuals and their groups to enhance their performance. Her work has included both one-to-one executive coaching and team coaching assignments.

Image by Katie Moum

Our Unique Professional Sources

Our Unique Professional Sources
Sander Warffemius

Sander Warffemius

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Unique Sources Vitality and Change coach

Sander is a trainer/coach focused on improving physical and mental health through holistic analysis.

Micheal Hardtmann.jpg

Michael Hardtmann

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

With more than 35 years of experience in more than a dozen countries, Michael brings a wealth of diverse perspectives to his work, combined with great passion for people and a focus for untapping potential.

Natalie Lutz_edited.jpg

Natalie Lutz

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Franco-American and citizen of the world, Natalie helps international executives align intention and impact to create highly effective teams and projects.

Mike Euphrosina.jpg

Mike Euphrosina

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Training & Coaching in

Leadership Development 

Diversity & Inclusion 

Intercultural Communication & Collaboration 

Rita Wuebbeler.jpg

Rita Wuebbeler

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Leadership coach & facilitator with an intercultural & multilingual background. Small business owner & independent contractor.
Mindfulness meditation teacher. Passionate cyclist & people connector.

Patricia Malidor Coleman-Profile-500x500px.jpg

Patricia Malidor Coleman

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

AZworld Connections, Inc.with more than 30 years experiences, with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural identity in a global world, Intercultural Live, Work abroad.

Joel A. Brown, Ed.D.png

Joel A. Brown, Ed.D.

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Public Speaker/Thought Leader/Organizational Development Strategist/Global Inclusion Practitioner/Adjunct Professor/Poet & Storyteller/Bridge Builder & Truth Teller.



  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

As a Thai-Born U.S. American with a master's degree in Linguistic, Pimvipha is a linguist, vitality coach, and creative explorer

Julia Wilsch.jpg

Julia Wilsch

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Julia, as a multilingual and multicultural expert, brings intercultural and interpersonal enlightenment through BLEND TALENT in talent & language coaching.

Henning Zorn.jpg

Henning Zorn

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

  With + 30 years as an international (team)coach and management consultant. Henning investigates engagement, work satisfaction and flow.

Kelli McLoud-Schingen.jpeg

Kelli McLoud-Schingen

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Kelli is a Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist with over 3 decades of experience. Kelli specializes in healing racism, cross-cultural competence, conflict resolution/mediation, storytelling, and inclusive leadership

Bjørn Z. Ekelund.jpeg

Bjørn Z. Ekelund MBA

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Psychologist Bjørn MBA is founder of Diversity Icebreaker®, Expert on teams, cross-cultural interaction, organizational change with Human Factors AS.

Eveliene O'Brien.JPEG

Eveline O'Brien - van den Heuvel

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Eveline is an experienced manager with IT and business knowledge, who excels in complex environments. She leads IT implementations with a focus on quality and results, and motivates teams to successful solutions.

Sean Dubberke.JPEG

Sean Dubberke

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Sean is a intercultural learning expert, leading the development of CultureWizard learning platform and a global network of facilitators & consultants.

Nathan Kaye_edited.jpg

Nathaniel Kaye

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Nathan is an organisational psychologist, working as a recruiter in tech industry. 
Very internationally oriented, interested in global affairs and cross-cultural experiences.

Gilles de Groot.jpeg

Gilles de Groot

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Gilles has built an international network of independent specialists creating tailor-made training programs for global companies with a focus on local adaptation. Passionate about developing human capital, building teams and creating long-lasting connections.

Roemer Visser.jpeg

Roemer Visser

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Sparring business partner for Unique Sources 

Everard Warffemius.jpg

Everard Warffemius

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Experienced director, (interim) manager, advisor and coach. He held these positions in the Art and Culture, Youth Policy, Liveability and Participation sectors.
Everard has an inspiring leadership style, with which he binds people and gets them moving.

Dana van Beek.jpeg

Dana van Beek

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


Development broker

For people with roots in multiple cultures. Grew up in a different country. Adult Third Culture Kid/Cross Culture Kid

Donal O' Brien.jpeg

Donal O' Brien

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CxO, SVP, Technology, Digital & Security Transformational Leader.

Experienced exec driving operational efficiencies, managing cyber security, and promoting process reengineering. Delivers change programs and coaches execs.


Image by Kristina Delp

Unique Sources

Unique Sources is founded in 1998 with the focus on Organisational Development through effective dialogue within organizations. As a joint venture of De Waal Human Resources Consult (1991), and Sven Ontwikkeling, Unique Sources bundled the expertise of a diverse team of around 20 independent professionals.


The Unique Sources Dream team has expertise that reaches from leadership coaching, teaching, organizational psychology, anthropological research, safety and risk inventories, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, and business management to team interventions, executive coaching, and more. 

The parallel kickoffs with Organisational Development projects for the Ministry of Defense, the Dutch State Lottery and DWA Amsterdam parallelled during 1998 to 2004.

During the decades many more clients were able to connect with Unique Sources for their needs, local government like the city of Franekeradeel with restructuring their organization and Management Development, or multinational companies, like BOSCH or Geodis Wilson with Leadership transition and Customer reverse Sales training.

The Coachpool of the City of the Hague chose Unique Sources to be one of the 10 main coaches for entrepreneurs for a number of years, also for entrepreneurs in the cultural sector.

Unique Sources

Unique Sources continues to be a place for interns and trainees, as it has been from the start. With office roots in the historical center of Delft, the Netherlands, Unique Sources is a business that functions as network hub for professionals who share the same values, enjoy diversity in their work and their lives. 

Founder/CEO Dr. Monika de Waal has finished her PhD in 2021 on Third Culture Kids as Unique Sources, their intercultural competences and cultural identity at work. 

Nowadays the network is comprised of international trainers, consultants, coaches, advisors, researchers that in one way or another are connected with Unique Sources. We present them to you as our Unique Professional Sources.

On our website you can find reviews of clients and illustrations of our work with them

Monika de Waal
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