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Blue Waters

Areas of Expertise 


In today’s world, leaders are needed. Leaders use their talents and skills for the development of their organizations; however, we believe that the best leaders are those who know how to inspire others through service. Nowadays leaders often walk in front, but it is also necessary that leaders learn to serve.

Change is inevitable. How to change effectively is more of an art than a science.

Organizations are permanently in motion and changing. Attention is needed to implement change.

It demands vision, insight, time and patience to surpass the daily illusions, to see what needs to happen, to mobilize the resources and energy of the organization, to inspire people and to keep them motivated.

Companies that systematically focus on talent development, cooperation and diversity show better overall and financial results in the long run. Knowledge of differences among various thoughts, actions, and heritage is an indispensable tool.

CFI cultural Fusion Identity.png

Cultural Fusion Identity can be recognized as a result of cultural fusion and is a combination of Switching, Parallel and Blended components. Cultural fusion happens as a result of intercultural encounters and experiences. 
Erik Kramer (1992) introduced the Cultural Fusion Theory (CFT). CFT acknowledges that both cultures and individuals are simultaneously influenced by the interactive process of acculturation.

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