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“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”​

Martin Luther King Jr

Leadership in organizations


Leaders use their talents and skills for the development of their organizations. In today’s world, leaders are needed. However, we believe that the best leaders are those who know how to inspire others through service. Nowadays leaders often walk in front, but it is also necessary that leaders learn to serve. They combine their intellect with strategic actions, in order to develop the best in their teams and to perform at optimum levels. Are leaders born or made? We at Unique Sources support organizations to develop their leadership, as an organization and as individuals within that organization.


Team leadership

The role of the team leader deals with demands from all sides, translating the strategy of the organization to your own team, as well as keeping your people motivated and committed. Aided by life itself, we combine our expertise and our passion to bring out the best in you and your teams. We believe that enhancing feedback within the team to increase team effectiveness is key. 


Personal Leadership


Personal leadership means giving direction to your own ambitions, abilities, and development.

To develop your personal leadership, self knowledge is needed. And perhaps self knowledge is found in your identity, your personality, or your individuality. We encourage you to ask:

What is important in your life? What will you reach for? What are you to do? How will you face your challenges?

Get the best out of your own abilities and shape your life.
After answering the fundamental questions, reality hits hard. Which steps are next… why…? How and when….? How can you balance between focus for work and your private life…can you allow time for people and yourself? 

We at Unique Sources believe in people and their authentic being. And we believe in taking the lead yourself.

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