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Unique Philosophy

Brainstorm to Success
Image by Gianandrea Villa


We as Unique Sources believe in the power of people and organizations. In individuals and teams. We are fascinated by the unique possibilities and continuous progress of people and organizations. We facilitate development on three levels: organizations, teams and individuals. Development is our mission. Unique Sources can help you make the next steps and grow.


People focus


We think it is essential that people enjoy their work, and do so in a harmonious and balanced environment. Life challenges almost everyone in this area and that leads to questions usually, not answers. Everything is in motion: your work, your private life, your own ideas. You can decide how to handle the inevitable changes. Analysis, prioritizing, and helping you make the right choice are some of our core competences at Unique Sources.

Personal leadership is the base for personal development. Knowing your self, reflecting, knowing what you can and cannot do are just some of the key aspects of personal leadership. However, to develop further, it is equally important to look in the mirror, be able to let go, choose direction, and take the necessary steps.

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