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Mountains Meet Lake


Developing Teams, Leaders and Changing Currents

Illustrations of Growth

Explore with these illustrations what Unique Sources can do for you, from the many experiences with clients that we have had the honor of being part of. These illustrations of growth show what we were able to facilitate at our clients' organisations and what the key components were in cultivating growth. 

Areas of Expertise

We have expertise in Leadership Development, Diversity, Change Management and Coaching.

And our services include Process Facilitation, Organisational Development, Team Building and Conflict Management.

Additionally, we have developed Cultural Fusion Identity for our academic base. 


Our Clients range from multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises to governmental and non- profit organisations.

Additionally, individuals that want to achieve growth and tap into their own Unique Sources receive our guidance and coaching.


Unique Sources was founded in 1998.

We focus on dialogue and organisational development.

Our Unique philosophy is key in what we achieve.

We kicked off with Ministry of Defense, Dutch State Lottery and DWA Amsterdam.

The dialogues have continued in various directions with a range of branches.

Over the years, many clients have built fundamental relationships with Unique Sources.

We seek growth for clients as much as we do for ourselves.

Always learning. Always growing.




"Werken met Monika is altijd erg leuk."

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